Why dogs smell even after bath

Bathing is essential for dogs not only to keep them clean, but also to remove their unpleasant smells after days. Dogs are playful, and they enjoy playing outdoor more than any other pets. As they play and roll on the grass, they tend to get dirty with all the dirt and debris trapped in their hair. Thus, regular bathing helps to maintain their clean hair and skin. Although there are many factors that determine how often dog owners should bathe their dogs, when dogs start to stink, it is probably a good time for them to take a bath. However, some dogs still smell even after baths, how so?

If just within hours or a couple of days after the bath your dog still smells, check if he has played indoor or outdoor. If he mostly stays outdoor, it could be something dead or a skunk that makes him smell. On the other hand, if he mainly stays indoor, the causes may relate to some medical conditions that you need to consider. In general, check with the veterinarian regardless of where he has been, either outdoor or indoor. Usually having a bad smell even after baths is not a good sign, and thus bringing him to the vet for a general check-up is highly recommended in order to timely detect any health issues.

One potential issue is an ear infection

If your dog’s ears are infected with bacteria, it could be the cause for the stink. Bathing in this case does not help alleviate the problem but sometimes it even worsens the infection. Your dog may tend to shake his head or scratch his ears, so this can be a sign for you to give him a check in the ears. You can take him to the veterinarian to see if your dog has an ear infection. Usually the vet will give him a treatment and let you know how to bathe him to keep the ears dry.

It could also be dental hygiene issue

Bad odor can be produced by infected gums or decayed teeth, and sometimes it is difficult for you to recognize this. Thus, regular vet visit may help you identify the issue in a timely manner. In other cases, bad odor is caused by factors other than dental diseases. Although it is best to consult a vet for the best solutions, you can also do the followings at home to reduce your dog’s bad breath: give your dog better-quality food, and brush his teeth regularly with toothpaste formulated specifically for dogs.

Another potential cause is inflamed skin

When your dog’s skin is inflamed, it starts to secrete excessive oils. Usually the dog’s skin secretes natural oils to keep the hair healthy and shiny, but excessive oils create body odor. In this case, the vet can prescribe special types of shampoo that helps to restore your dog’s skin and hair condition. In addition, a conditioner may also be prescribed as a combo with the shampoo.

There are many other potential causes of bad odor even after baths. All the items listed above are just few common ones. The general rule is whenever you see an abnormal sign, which is bad odor in this case, you should bring your dog to a vet for diagnosis and prescription.


As indicated earlier, sometimes it is difficult for dog owners to recognize where exact the inflammation or infection is; thus, visiting the vet is a must for the best advice and solution. If you cannot take your dog to the vet right away, you can try checking the source of the odor, in other words, where the smell comes from.

In order for the odor not to transfer to your furniture in house, you may cover your furniture with towels or blankets so that the odor does not stick around stuff in your house. Last but not least, no matter what makes your dog stink, do not give up on giving him baths regularly. We believe that as soon as you take your dog to the vet to identify the problem, your vet will definitely assist you on how to improve your dog’s condition.

Fran Berger

My name is Fran G. Berger Like any dog owner, I love dogs as much as you do. Having a furry friend aside is one of the most fascinating things in life. Unlike other pets, dogs are full of energy, and they turn all the activities they get to do with us into fun times, including bathing. Bathing your dog is not only an essential task to maintain your dog's hygiene, but also a chance for both of you to enjoy your time, and most importantly to have fun together.