how to bathe and groom a dog at home

Having a pet dog is fun and exciting, but in order to keep your furry friend in a good shape and good hygiene, dog grooming is a must. There are many services for dog grooming and bathing nowadays, but most of the time these services cost a lot of money. We all know that dog grooming must be done regularly, so it can be unaffordable for many dog owners to use these services. So here we are writing this article to show you how to bathe and groom your dog at home.

Bathing and grooming your dog at home yourself can not only save you quite a lot of money, but also give both of you a good time together. Although it seems like there are many things dog owners need to know about bathing and grooming, it is not that complicated after all. Once you get used to it, every thing is in your control. Now let’s take a closer look at some steps and tips.

Let’s start with a nice bath

Giving your dog regular baths not only maintains his hygiene, but also helps us to detect any abnormalities on his hair or skin. However, not all dogs gets along with bathing, and in those cases, it is difficult for you just to control his behavior, let alone having an enjoyable time. Therefore, there are a few tips for preparation that you can do to make bath times more comfortable for both of you.

introduce your friend to the bathing area.

First, gradually introduce your friend to the bathing area. Although dogs are not afraid of water, when taking a bath, it is you who control the water stream, which makes them nervous because they have no control of the water pouring on their bodies. Thus, it is important for them to get used to the bathing area so that they no longer feel surprised whenever you take them to the tub.

You can start giving meals in the bathing area or giving treats to your dog so that he gets a positive association with the place. After that, you can move on to introducing tools and equipment you will use for bathing such as brushes, towels, wash clothes, and so on to your dog. Don’t forget to give him treats every time you introduce him to a new tool. The general rule is that you want to enhance his positive association with the bathing activity, from the place to the tools, so that he feels comfortable being around it.

prepare the water

Next, you can prepare the water. Make sure that it is lukewarm water instead of cold water. Cold water tends to make your dog less comfortable and anxious. When taking your dog to the bathtub or the bathing area, do this slowly so that your dog has time to adapt to the surroundings. During bath time, you can use a pitcher to scoop up water and pour it on your dog. This is one of the nice ways to give him a gentle stream of water without surprising him. For the facial area, be gentle, and don’t let water get into his eyes, ears, or nose. It is highly recommended that you use a washcloth to wipe this area instead of spraying water directly.

After the bath, use a soft towel to dry him off, then you can just let your dog air dry naturally.

Do-it-yourself dog grooming at home: How to do it

Now your dog is cleaned, you may want to move on to the grooming. In fact, you can do bathing and grooming separately. Each activity takes time, so if you do not have spare time, it is totally normal to bath him on one day, and do grooming on the other day. Grooming is also a fun activity to do for your dog, and it is not really complicated.

First, let’s talk about brushing and clipping hair. Each dog breed needs to be brushed and groomed differently. In general, short-haired breeds need less brushing and grooming, while long-haired breeds require more care and grooming as the hair tends to trap in dirt and debris. For grooming, some dog owners use scissors to trim the dog’s hair, but you can also use a dog clipper for home use, which is easy, fast, and convenient to use at home. There is a great variety of dog clippers in the market that you can choose from, and most of them are simple to handle and control.

After the hair, you can move on to check out your dog’s nails, ears, and teeth. Long nails need to be trimmed regularly. Make sure that you check with a vet to trim the nails correctly. There is a pinky area on the nails, where the blood vessels are, so you need to make sure you’re not cutting into that pinkish area.

For the ears, all you need to do is to give a general check up to see if there is any abnormal signs. If everything looks good, leave them as they are. Do not apply any products on the ears to avoid irritation for your dog.

Last but not least, give a brief look at the teeth. Our goal is to see if there is any problem or unhealthy signs so that we can consult a vet in a timely manner.

In short, these are just the general guidelines for dog bathing and grooming at home. Depending on your dog’s breed, more specific guidelines need to be followed. To know if your dog has any special skin or hair conditions, do not hesitate to consult a vet. Bathing and grooming at home is fun and cost-effective, but don’t forget that it should be done correctly and appropriately. We hope you have good times together, and stay healthy!

Fran Berger

My name is Fran G. Berger Like any dog owner, I love dogs as much as you do. Having a furry friend aside is one of the most fascinating things in life. Unlike other pets, dogs are full of energy, and they turn all the activities they get to do with us into fun times, including bathing. Bathing your dog is not only an essential task to maintain your dog's hygiene, but also a chance for both of you to enjoy your time, and most importantly to have fun together.