Best Dog Nail Clippers for Thick Nails


Most dogs don’t like having their nails cut. So, it’s hard to use a clipper to cut your dog’s nails. There are some dog nail clippers are designed for medium to large dogs. We recommend you to choose clippers made by Simply Pet with their non-slip cutters. They are the easiest and safest way to trim your dog’s nails. If you don’t choose the proper tools to cut your dog’s nails, he may get injuries. Check out this post to learn about the best dog nail clippers for thick nails.

The Best Professional Dog Nail Clippers

As a pet owner, it’s important to understand that your dog may get pain if you give him the wrong cutting. Nowadays, the best nail clippers offer a protective guard for more effective trimming. If you let your dog’s nails grow too long, they will dig into his paws. Therefore, it’s vital to keep the right length in order to avoid any harm. You should groom your dog regularly. You will get benefit from this. Now, look at the list of best professional dog nail clippers below.

Simply Pets Large Dog Nail Clippers

This product is designed with the safety kept in mind. They come with a protective guard. It helps to prevent you from over-trimming your dog’s nails. Also, they prevent your dog from getting injuries thanks to a safety lock. It comes with non-slip rubber handles. Thanks to an ergonomic design, it ensures to give comfort.

Actually, this is a lightweight clipper. Its blades are made of stainless steel for the durability. This clipper promises to give you smooth cutting. Furthermore, this unit offers a lifetime warranty. Overall, this machine is one of the best dog nail clippers for thick nails as well as smaller puppy nails.

Cutie Pet Supply Dog Nail Clippers

When it comes to Cutie Pet Supply Dog Nail Clipper, you will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, you will get a free video for the guidelines as well. Its blades are made of stainless steel. So, they are sharper than usual ones.

As a result, this clipper gives owners a clean and safe cut. It comes with a safety guard that helps to protect your pet from the sharp blades. The handles are designed for easy use. This model is also one of the best dog nail clippers.

Shiny Pet Nail Clipper for Small Dogs

This dog nail clipper is designed especially for smaller dogs. It’s actually a scissor styled nail clipping machine. It comes with the recycled plastic handles. It’s designed with stainless steel blades for a clear cut.

The Shiny Pet Nail Clipper comes with an E-Book as a tutorial. So, you can get an effective performance of nail trim. Being said that, this model is for smaller dog or puppies. This product offers the owner a lifetime money back guarantee.

Petetpet Dog Nail Trimmers

This is a reputable accessories brand. This brand is available in many choices for both small and large dogs. Its blades are made from high carbon stainless steel.  It doesn’t come with a safety guard. However, it can still offer a clean view. With this model, you can confidently cut your dog’s nails.

The clipper is designed with a filer and comb. They help to remove burs. Also, they ensure to give smoothness. Furthermore, this clipper provides you with a 6 months warranty. It’s made of the high-quality materials, so it can last for a long time.

In overall, this model is one of the best dog nail clippers. It’s a good consideration for your wallet.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Dog Nail Grooming Tool

This tool is a good alternative to clippers. It’s known as a grinder. It’s available at 2 different speeds. Moreover, this tool comes with a 60 grift sanding drum. So, you can easily and safely use it on your dog nails.

This is a cordless model with a rechargeable battery. Moreover, it offers a 2 years warranty. Although this is a cheap Dremel, it can offer speeds of 6,500 & 13,000 RPM. It ensures to give you a good finish. Consider buying the Dremel. It won’t make you disappointed.

GoPets Nail Clippers

This model is available in 2 different colors: orange and black. This product is highly recommended for large dogs. Also, it’s ideal for medium-sized dogs. You can use it without any effort. It comes with a quick stop guard, so your dog won’t get injuries to his skin. Moreover, it provides owners with a lifetime warranty. It comes with non-slip handles. Its blades are made of stainless steel for the durability. It can be able to stay sharp for a long time.

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clipper

This is a good choice for doggies in the plier style. This option is great for all sizes of breeds. Many dog owners choose this product because of its durability. Its blades are made from stainless steel material, so you can get the idyllic outcome. Thanks to making use of red plastic, it ensures to provide you with an experience sound grip. In addition, the clipper comes with a lock that allows you to hold the machine firmly. Plus, it won’t crack your dog’s thick nails. This option is ideal for large breed dog.

Resco Original Deluxe Nail Clipper

This tool will give groomers immense support. It’s used for all sizes of the dog from small to large. You can use it even for pets up to 50+ pounds. It promises to give your dog style as well as comfort due to deluxe grips. Besides, it allows you to change blade thanks to patented blade replacement technology. It’s built with a durable construction since it’s made of stainless steel. It ensures to give you a smooth performance.

Pro Pet Works Dog Nail Clippers

You can consider choosing this dog nail clipper. This model is designed for your adoring pet. It comes with a nail guard that allows you to overcut your dog’s nails thanks to the built-in nail guard. Because of its ergonomic built handle, you can grip it properly. It also saves you from slipping. Therefore, it’s able to carry out this tool without having any difficulty. It is designed with stainless steel blades. They offer accuracy. Consider using this dog nail clipper for an easy and simple nail clipping task.

Large Dog Nail Clippers by Simply Pets Online

This clipper is made by 2 vets, so you can use it without any doubts. It promises to give owners better grooming. This is extremely a great choice for large dogs. It’s not difficult to use this safety dog clipper. It is designed with a safety lock, so you can avoid over trimming.

This model ensures to give dog owners a comfortable grip thanks to non-slip rubber handles. It’s a lightweight product, so it’s easy to use. In addition, there is a lifetime warranty. Especially, this model is available in lively modern colors. This unit can be able to stay sharp for a long time because of its high-quality stainless steel material. It allows you to use for both medium and large sized dogs.

How to Choose Dog Nail Clippers

It’s not simple to buy a set of nail clippers for your four-leg friend. It’s essential to shop around for the best products as mentioned above for the small amount extra. There is a wide range of choices. However, you need to keep in mind some important factors to consider as below:

Safety of Cutting Dogs Nails

Make sure you use a dog nail clipper dedicated to only dog nails. In fact, many dog owners quickly use any clippers on their dogs. All of the best dog nail clippers we listed above are very cheap. So, you only have to pay a very small price. Many dog nail clippers come with a safety guard that helps to prevent you from over-trimming your dog’s nails. This feature is really important for those who are new to cutting dog nails. If you want, you can also choose a clipper without a guard for a clearer vision.

Clipper or Dremel

For many dog owners, it’s a logical choice to purchase clippers for cutting their dog nails. Some others choose to use the Dremel to trim nails, especially professional dog groomers. With the Dremel, you can get more control than clippers. Also, they are great options for dogs with thick nails. However, the Dremel also have some drawbacks. First, they are more expensive than usual dog nail clippers. In addition, they require a battery as well as a cord included. If you want to use these models on regular basis, don’t forget to check the heat. Otherwise, they can be able to get very hot.

Blade quality

This is the most essential feature of any trimming machine. We advise you to choose high-quality clippers. You should look for ones made of stainless steel. They can stay sharp for a long time. If you choose ones with poor quality blades, they can cause pain as well as discomfort to your dog just after a few uses. That’s why it’s important to choose a sharp blade for a clean cut.


If you want to handle strong and thick nails, you need a comfortable handle. We recommend highly rubberized or anti-slip handles. Moreover, consider looking for longer handles since they can offer more power. Then, you can easily trim your dog’s nails.

Safety features

Many clippers are designed with a safety guard or sensor. They ensure to give an injury free grooming. However, many owners don’t choose these clippers because these models may prevent them from the accurate trim.

Different Types of Clippers

There is no clipper that can work well for all dogs. Nail trimmers are divided into three main types: scissors, guillotine, and grinding tools.


These clippers are designed with scissor shape. They offer you a large amount of mechanical power to trim your dog’s nails. There are a variety of different sizes. They are used for small, medium, and large dogs.


These clippers are safe for you and your dog. Also, they are easy to use. It’s spring loaded placed over the end of your dog nail. To use it, close the handles. Then, you can cut the nail.

Grinding tools

These clippers come with the batteries. They don’t cut your dog’s nails while they grind them. The thing you need to do is to use sandpaper to grind the nails. It’s easy to use this type with less risk of injury.


Cutting your dog’s nails at home is not easy for many pet owners. Most importantly, you need to choose the right nail clipping tool. There are a lot of products out there. Depend on your dog’s size, you can choose the best dog nail clippers for him. With the right tool, you can finish your task fast. Consult our reviews of the best devices on the market today to decide which one is the best for you & your dog.

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