When to bathe dog after flea treatment

Having a dog pet is one of most enjoyable things in life. Whenever you have a bad day, your dog will cheer you up with his energy and positive attitudes. However, when it comes to the flea season, it’ll take you some effort to keep your little friend free from fleas and ticks. Flea treatment is commonly applied not only for treatment of fleas but also for preventative care. One question that we usually receive from many dog owners is that: does bathing routine get affected by the flea treatment? When can we bathe dogs after the treatment? This question is totally understandable because although we put on flea treatment on our dogs, they are totally unaware of this. This does not stop them from playing and rolling around, and obviously would become dirty and stinky over time. So how can we manage their bathing routine along with their flea treatments?

In general, wait at least 48 hours to bathe your dog after the flea treatment.

There are many ways that we can use for flea treatment. One way is to use topical cream, and most cream takes a period of time to start doing its job. Therefore, the minimum time you should wait is until the cream has dried. Most creams require at least 48 hours waiting before you can bathe your dog. However, some creams indicate different amount of time, so you can always check the label to see the instructions.

What if you use flea collar? Are there any differences? Well, not really. Although some collars are waterproof and it is fine to bathe your dog even with the collar on, it still takes 12 to 48 hours for the flea prevention to be in full effect. Thus, to be safe, wait 48 hours to bathe your dog even when you use flea collars.

What if my dog gets super dirty? What should I do?

As we mentioned earlier, dogs are unaware of the fact that they are under flea treatment. Putting on a flea collar on them does not mean they would stop playing and rolling around, which means nothing can prevent them from getting all the dirt and debris trapped in their hair. In this case that washing is a must, you can clean your dog using a wet cloth and wipe the dirty area only. This prevents washing away the topical cream you have applied. You should not use dry shampoo because it will absorb the flea medication as much as water does. Another tip to remove sticky substances on your dog’s hair is to use coconut oil. This works great on their skins, and does not wash away a large area of flea medication.

If you are worried about cleaning dirty spots while your dog is on flea medication, one preventative step is to keep them indoor for a few days, until the medication has fully gone under effect. This not only helps your dog stay out of dirt, but also lessens your worries about cleaning their dirty hair.

Few things to remember…

In case you accidentally wash away the flea medication, do not reapply without consulting a veterinarian first. Reapplying may overdose the medication, and this does no good to your dog. If you think the medication does not work and you want to switch to another type, consult your vet before doing so.

Another thing to remember is that do not forget to use non-stripping shampoo for dog bathing after the flea treatment. Although you may have waited for a few days to bathe your dog, it is recommended that you use non-stripping shampoo, which does not wash away the medication. By doing this, your dog is still protected against flea and ticks, as the medication is not affected by the soap.

Overall, dog bathing while flea treatment is not impossible, but it requires a bit more caution and attention. If you are unsure how long you should wait til you give your dog a bath again, check with the vet or read the medicine’s label for instructions. Remember not to overdose your dog with various types of flea medication, and pay attention to the type of shampoo you use for him. As long as you follow these general guidelines, you’ll be good to go!

Fran Berger

My name is Fran G. Berger Like any dog owner, I love dogs as much as you do. Having a furry friend aside is one of the most fascinating things in life. Unlike other pets, dogs are full of energy, and they turn all the activities they get to do with us into fun times, including bathing. Bathing your dog is not only an essential task to maintain your dog's hygiene, but also a chance for both of you to enjoy your time, and most importantly to have fun together.