Mayim Bialik

Erdős Number: 5

(5) Mayim H. Bialik
"Sensorimotor Integration in Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum"
(4) Eran Zaidel
"Gender effects on callosal thickness in scaled and unscaled space"
(3) Paul M. Thompson
"Brain surface parameterization using Riemann surface structure"
(2) Shing Tung Yau
"On sampling with Markov chains"
(1) Ronald L. Graham
"On sums of Fibonnaci numbers"
(0) Paul Erdős

Bacon Number: 2

(2) Mayim Bialik
(1) Phil Leeds
He Said, She Said
(0) Kevin Bacon

Sabbath Number: 3

(3) Mayim Bialik
"Liberian Girl" music video
(2) Michael Jackson
"Give In to Me"
(1) Slash
"Crucify the Dead"
(0) Ozzy Osbourne

Bialik also learned how to play the harp for Big Bang Theory, from which an alternate Sabbath number of 8 can be derived.

Mayim Bialik's Erdős-Bacon number was taken from Wikipedia. Her Sabbath number was discovered by David.

Photo by Mingle MediaTV used under Creative Commons license.