Adam Savage

Adam Savage is a special effects artist, maker, and co-host of Mythbusters. He is also a co-founder of the travelling geek variety show w00tstock.

“The difference between screwing around and science is writing it
down.” — Adam Savage

In 2007, archaeologists at the University of Wyoming asked the Mythbusters for help testing the effectiveness of stone arrowheads. The experiment resulted in a segment on Mythbusters and an article in the archaeological journal Antiquity. Savage’s Bacon number comes from his cameo in The Darwin Awards, and his Sabbath number from performances with Paul and Storm at w00tstock.

Erdős 6

Bacon 2

Sabbath 5

Savage can be assigned a smaller Sabbath number if you count the lines he and Stephen Hawking individually sang for a Discovery Channel ad campaign:


Discovery: January First-of-May, Timeblimp

Photo: Rex Hammock (Creative Commons)

  1. “I Love The World” is a Discovery Channel ad campaign in which presenters (including Savage and Stephen Hawking) sang a song one line at a time. 
  2. Pink Floyd’s “Keep Talking” samples Hawking’s voice from a previously-recorded BT commercial.