Erdős Bacon Sabbath

The Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath project celebrates creative academics and academic creatives by studying the connections between researchers, actors, and musicians. We've combined three measures of professional collaboration — Erdős numbers, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, and the Black Sabbath game — to produce a rather fun game for people who enjoy complicated internet scavenger hunts.

The game is to find a well-known person who has published academically, released a song, and been involved in a movie or TV show. Their Erdős-Bacon-Sabbath number counts the papers, movies, and songs it takes to connect them to Paul Erdős, Kevin Bacon, and Black Sabbath, respectively. Anyone with a well-defined EBS number must have many talents and a fascinating backstory, but they turn out to be more numerous than you might think! The goal of this website is to discover these Renaissance men and women and to tell their stories.

EBS Holders

Adam Rutherford Adam Savage Albert Einstein Brian Cox Brian May Buzz Aldrin Carl Sagan Colin Firth Condoleeza Rice Danica McKellar Daniel Levitin David Grinspoon David Morgan-Mar Douglas Adams Fred Rogers Geoffrey Pullum Greg Graffin Imogen Heap James Randi Jeff Baxter Jonathan Feinberg Karl Schaffer Lawrence Krauss Mayim Bialik Milo Aukerman Natalie Portman Noam Chomsky Patrick Moore Phil Plait Ray Kurzweil Richard Feynman Richard Vranch Simon Singh Stephen Hawking Terry Pratchett Thomas Edison Thomas Halliday Tom Lehrer Warwick Holt Woody Paul